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Non-shedding does NOT mean no-maintenance. Your Dog will benefit from frequent grooming sessions several times a week. Routine grooming helps to keep your Dogs’ skin, coat, teeth, gums and nails in peak condition as well as generally improving your Dogs’ overall appearance. 

Grooming should be considered by both of you as an enjoyable experience. Lay your Dog down on his side and tell him “STAY” in a firm but affectionate voice. You will definitely have to struggle with him to begin with but remember you are the boss. You will most likely have to start out by holding three or all four of his feet with one hand while you brush with the other. Gently brush his side and tummy while telling him “GOOD STAY” or some such phrase. This should begin as very short, gentle grooming and not particularly serious. As he gets used to the position, he may even take a nap during the grooming session. When finished give him a treat.

Good grooming behaviour should start at an early age, as soon as you acquire your Dog. Begin by getting him used to being placed on a steady table for grooming. Use a rubber backed mat, small carpet or towel to prevent slipping. Teach your Dog to lie down and/or stand quietly and to relax and enjoy your undivided attention. Scratching the ears or chest may help to sooth an anxious Dog, while a hand under a young Dogs’ stomach provides support and promotes confidence as you gently brush through the coat. This early training taught by repetition, correction and praise is important to ensure that your Dog learns to accept grooming and thinks of it as a pleasant experience. 

Puppy coats go through coat change between 8-12 months of age when they start getting their adult hair. During this time, you have to brush, brush, brush, or you will have a matted dog.