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The Havanese is generally a healthy long lived little dog. This does not mean he is perfect. Just like every other dog breed, the Havanese is prone to some genetic hereditary disorders. Like other breeds with a very small gene pool, some of these issues may be compounded and widespread. As the breed is still quite young in its rebuilding, some disorders are just now coming to light. f you take into account the other breeds that played a factor in the development of the Havanese, it stands to reason that the Havanese may have hereditary problems that are encountered in these and other similar breeds.

Of those we currently know about, Heritable Cataracts is the most significant hereditary disorder in the Havanese. Other heritable disorders that have been diagnosed in the Havanese include eye problems such as heritable cataract, cherry eye and excessive tearing; Mechanical, movement and structure related problems include Hip Dysplasia, Patella luxation, , Chondrodysplaysia , disk problems and Legg Perthes Disease. Problems of the major organs that have been identified are liver shunt and heart disease; Other heritable disorders are neurological disorders, thyroid deficiency, allergies, deafness and a short hair gene.

While some health conditions occasionally occur, the Havanese remains a healthy little breed with a life expectancy of approximately 12 to 15 years. The majority of Havanese experience few significant health issues.

How important is Health Testing? Each individual breed has specific health issues that show up in lines and can be produced in offspring, the Havanese are no different. Ongoing research and proper health screening will help reduce such health issues in our breed. An eye test and patella check are the very minimum you should do.