About us

Our Havanese bring much joy to our family. All of our dogs have access to inside/Outside and are socialised with many different dogs and people. We have breed many Australian Champions who are also wonderful companion dogs.

Our Approach
We are passionate and adore Havanese. Our dogs bring much joy to our family. All of our dogs live inside and are socialised with many dogs and people.

We do not have kennels, our dogs live as part of our families in our home in Southern Tasmania and our puppies are raised in the dinning room, growing up as part of the family, being surrounded by many other dogs and visitors.

Our Story
In 2010 we were introduced to Havanese through Barad Kennels, and instantly​​​​ fell in love with this breed and purchased in partnership with Barad Kennels our first dog Carnwath Sah Jahan from Victoria.

Care of Our Dogs
Our Havanese are provided clean living quarters, better than adequate veterinary care, proper nutrition, watered, exercised and grooming.  We do NOT house our dogs outside of our homes in kennels, dog houses or anything else.