Coat and Colours


Silky to the touch, the coat is soft and light in texture in both outer and undercoat, although the outer coat carries slightly more weight.

The coat is long, abundant and wavy and comes in a variety of colours.. It stands off the body slightly, but flows with movements.

This dog was often called the “Havana silk dog” because the coat feels like fine silk.

The long, silky coat of the Havanese is beautiful, but requires regular brushing and care.

Many owners prefer to clip it short, but if you want to show your dog, you'll have to let it grow long and invest a good amount of time in grooming, or money in paying a groomer.

Another reason to keep it long: If you live in a warm climate, the long coat helps keep your dog cool.


The Havanese exists in such a wide range of colours, markings, and patterns in their coats.

Their eyes are a sparkly brown and the nose is brown or black.

The Havanese breed comes in an intoxicating array of shades; from white, cream, champagne, gold and red to sable, chocolate and black displayed as single solid colours or in a myriad of two and three colour combinations.

Because of the large colour variety it's difficult to 'predict' which colours will have the puppies; they can have all a different colour or colour combination, that can be different from the coat colour of the parents.