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About us

Our Havanese bring much joy to our family. We have been showing and breeding since 2011. We have breed many Australian Champions who are also wonderful companion dogs.

Our Approach
We are passionate and adore Havanese. We do not have kennels, our dogs live as part of our families in our home in Southern Tasmania and our puppies are raised in the lounge room, growing up as part of the family, being surrounded by our dogs and visitors.

Ellingly Havanese are bred with care, raised with love, and exhibited with pride. We are very proud of all our puppies and could not be happier with the wonderful families who have chosen to bring a Ellingly Havanese puppy into their lives.

Why we got involved in breeding
In 2010 we were introduced to Havanese through Barad Kennels, and instantly fell in love with this breed and purchased in partnership with Barad Kennels our first dog Carnwath Sah Jahan from Victoria. We were surprised to find that everything we had been read about this wonderful breed was true! They are friendly and fun loving, making them a wonderful family pet for children as well as adults. They are highly intelligent and very intuitive, making them great for animal assisted therapy.

Once we had one we wanted to help insure the continuation of this awesome breed.

Why Buy from Us

The perfect match

We truly cares where our puppies grow up and makes every effort to ensure that all puppies are placed in loving suitable homes.

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How do we apply for a Havanese?

When you decide to make a Ellingly Havanese part of your family you will need to fIll out our puppy application form.

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Included with our puppies

Puppies bred by Ellingly Havanese will come: Registered, Microchipped​​,​​ vaccination (C3)​​,​​ puppy pack and more

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Our Health Promise

The health, physical welfare and fitness for function of dogs is of prime importance. We are striving to eliminate hereditary diseases within our dogs and the Havanese breed.

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Behaviour and socialisation

We encourage puppies curiosity and respond positively when they tackle a new experience. Puppy socialization begins with the breeder and continues with you.

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Ethical Breeder

Ellingly Havanese dogs are bred with care, raised with love and are an integral part of our family. Every breeding will be done from the standpoint of bettering the breed.

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Havanese Owners Guide

Everything you need to know to prepare for and care for your new Havanese

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about Havanese

About Havanese Dog

The Havanese shines his affectionate personality on everyone, including strangers, children, other dogs, and even cats. They’re good for people with allergies.

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Personality and Temperament

These little love bugs make excellent companion dogs, because they love being with their people.

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Havanese are an extremely healthy breed, and the people devoted to them want to keep it that way.

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Coat and Colours

Silky to the touch, the coat is soft and light in texture in both outer and undercoat, although the outer coat carries slightly more weight.

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For the Latest litter information

  •  27/06/2021 07:40 AM

Gypsy and Archie welcomed 4 cuties into the world

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  •  04/04/2021 11:40 PM

Arya first time mother pleasantly surprised us with 7 Healthy and strong gorgeous puppies

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  •  30/10/2020 11:22 PM

Gypsy is very pleased to announce she is a mum of 5 puppies, 2 girls, 3 boys.

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  •  29/07/2020 12:37 AM

Holly Litter of:🐶 2 Males Sable;🐶 2 Females Black and Tan

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Our dogs

Current and Retired Havanese


Carnwath Revolver


CH Bromear Gypsy Queen


Ellingly Nordic Arya


Ellingly Sweet Lilly


Ellingly Sasha


CH Ellingly Hollywood

Retired from showing and breeding

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Aus Ch Darkwilles Macrotous Canino (imp SWE)

Retired from showing and breeding

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Aus Ch Darkwilles Melichrous Canina (Imp Swe)

Retired from showing and breeding

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CH Carnwath Jedda

Retired from showing and breeding

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CH Carnwath Shah Jahan

Retired from showing and breeding

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  • Kingston Tasmania, Australia

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