The perfect match

While raising the puppies we have been constantly observing the puppies and knows their personalities and quirks.  We truly cares how our puppies grow up and makes every effort to ensure that all puppies are placed in loving suitable homes.

As a responsible Havanese breeder we will ask numerous questions to ensure we place our puppies in the best possible homes. The more we know about you, the better we can select the Havanese puppy which is the best match for you and your family.

Experience gives us a pretty good idea of how a certain puppy might mature. While an especially lively, bouncy Havanese puppy might be an ideal candidate for an agility enthusiast, the same puppy might be a handful for an elderly couple. By the same token, a quiet gentle cuddly puppy might be a perfect match for this couple but be a disappointment to someone whose goal is performance events.

Havanese Personality Types

All Havanese have bright sparkling personalities, but there are variations, even within a litter. Differences can be subtle. One puppy may be quieter and more reserved while his littermate is more lively and

When choosing the right dog breed you can draw broad generalizations about the typical personality and behavior to expect.

When you adopt a new puppy (or adult dog) it brings its temperament along with it.  Puppy personality is partially malleable, the temperament you encounter in the 7 week old puppy is the basis to what are going to live with in the adult dog.

We have found that Havanese fall into one of the following distinct puppy personality types.

Friendly Personality

The sociable-friendly dog is a real character, and a great dog for experienced and proficient owners.   He is keenly interested in other dogs and people, and so long as he is well socialized as a puppy, will be fun to socialize with – Mr Personality Plus!  Though he may at times be a little willful, the sociable-friendly dog is easy to train. 

Confident Personality

The confident dog is a high energy extrovert.  He is a confident, sociable and “in your face” dog likely to jump all over you, mouth (or even playfully bite) your hands, and give you a deep smoochy kiss.  He thrives on having a purpose in life, needs work to do and is easiest to live with when adequately trained to control his natural exuberance.  This is a great dog for the experienced owner who wants a personality-plus furry companion to share their active lifestyle, and doesn’t mind spending time to exercise and play with their dog every day, as well as laying down the rules and ensuring they are stuck to.  The bold-confident dog is likely to thoroughly enjoy training with the potential to become a bit of a super-star performer in agility and other energetic sports or jobs.

Gentle Personality

The gentle type is submissive-cooperative and the classic “bomb proof” dog that requires very little, if any, training and just seems to know what is expected of it.  Though she may be a bit short on personality and character, this dog more than makes up for it with her calm, steady and obedient nature and trouble-free presence.  This pooch is ideal for the first-time, inexperienced owner, or one that is a bit of a “push-over” when it comes to discipline.  And if you have small children this type of dog is your safest bet.

Our Breeding Practices

We are not a kennel. Our Havanese puppies are whelped in our home and spend the first weeks of their lives in my Master Bedroom where they and their mum feel the most safe and secure. After a week or two they move into the main living area of the house. From here they can see and hear just about everything that goes on in our homes on a day to day basis. Our children help to love and socialise the puppies until they are ready to go home with you.

Puppies raised in this environment make the best pets because they have been given the best possible start. They will enjoy running and playing with you,  When you are all done playing, what the Havanese enjoys the most is a nice, warm cuddle with you!